September 2011 - Harvest Initiative

Seferino crosses one of the “bridges” on the trail to Limbaika

Miskitu Tribal Work

In August I was able to make a trip to the community of Limbaika. The purpose was to meet with community leaders there to plan activities with the group from Harvester Christian Church in October. With the help of our guide Seferino it was possible to get to the community by land instead of the usual more costly route on the river. This is significant because one of our goals it to establish a “forward base“ in the area and being able to reach Limbiaka by land makes it a candidate for the base. It's all about logistics working that far out in the bush.

We met with some of the ladies there to place an order for the Ujum oil they traditionally extract from a native palm. Our hope is to help them sell this oil as a sustainable source of income. Currently the agriculture there is either slash and burn in the forest or cultivation of small patches on the flood prone river banks.

Food Distribution

In coordination with Nice Foundation, several thousand meals have been distributed in the past weeks though the network of schools and churches affiliated with Harvest and Nice. The hope is to disperse the food to as many ministries as possible so that it reaches those that need it the most. The primary goal is always to place the food within ministries with which we have an ongoing relationship. The last thing we want is to create dependence. Jesus fed the multitudes twice in three years to demonstrate his divine authority, he didnít create a welfare system. While I am thankful for the generosity of our brothers in the USA, I do dream of the day when the Nicaraguans will be able to grow enough food here to feed themselves and grow up in Christ enough to share with those in need. Some of our long term projects work toward those ends.

Fresh Start in Granada

Now that our family is set up in Granada we are exploring ministry opportunities in that city. Granada is a unique city in Nicaragua because of its history strongly influenced by Spain. It is almost a European city in many ways. Since 2004 there has been church established there but it has never grown very large for many reasons. As we start the new term here we are praying for opportunities to build up more of a base in the community as a means for evangelism. We have had some good open doors with the local police here to reach out to gangs and victims of domestic violence. Please join us in praying for these efforts that we can carry out activities that will help in Jesus name and strengthen the outreach of the local church.

Trenching for foundations in Diriomo

Ground Breaking at New High School

After many months of planning, construction on the new high school in Diriomo is beginning. We are thankful to be involved with this project in coordination with Opportunity International. Opportunity is a larger organization with a lot of success in Christian community development and we are learning much. Their approach to helping the poor focuses on first organizing a community to use their own resources properly and not just giving hand outs. This process of organizing can be slow and difficult, but it really is the wise way to help.

Prayer Requests

Now that we have been here a couple of months some of the specific tasks for the next six months are coming into focus.

  • Recruit and train a new crew of Nicaraguans to operate the new water well drilling equipment donated by Harvester Christian Church members. The equipment should arrive next month.
  • Find a location in the center of Granada for a seeker friendly Bible study.
  • Recruit some part time office help to keep details in order and allow Marcus to be out in the field where he belongs!
  • The upcoming trip with a team of Harvester Christian Church members out to the villages.

Please keep these needs in prayer.

We are also thankful for many blessings, our health and transition. We are also grateful for two donations of equipment, including a 4tn truck and a large industrial engine. The donations come from anonymous business owners, you know who you are, and a heartfelt thank you from all the crew. Donations of this kind help us to build our capacity here for water projects and other efforts that produce long term solutions for communities here in Nicaragua.

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