September News

4 September 2007

Dear Friends,

So many have e mailed about Hurricaine Felix that is passing through the region. We appreciate the concern you have shown for us and the people in Nicaragua. Our family lives in the town of Granada which is over two hundred miles inland from the Atlantic coast. We are receiving heavy rains now but no flooding is expected here. If anything the rain will replenish lake levels that have been at historic lows for some time.

Our concern is for the people in the tribal areas of the Prinzapolks River area., which we are assuming was hit pretty hard with torrential rains. As all the population traditionally lives close to the river, flooding is a great conercn. I am trying to contact via radio or satellite phone to see learn about the situation there. We have been working in the area for about three years and have good contacts with the tribal leaders there and if we are able to meet needs we certainly will. We will keep everyone posted certainly.

In Christ,

Marcus, Ann, Will and Amelia

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