October 2007

Dear Friends,

More to report this month than last!

First I was able to go to Alamikamba and show the Jesus Film in two communities. There we also did some work on the boat we have stored there. The community leaders are interested in working with us to outfit it as public transportation on the Prinzapolka River. Since we have began visiting the area a couple of years ago we have been looking for an opportunity to round out evangelism with a project to help the physical needs of the isolated communities of Miskitu tribesmen that populate the Prinzapolka district. As essentially there are no roads, all transport is by river. As it is now all river transport is in dug out canoes or by boats with outboard motors. The dugouts are slow and cant carry much cargo and the latter are very expensive and pollute the river. Our hope is in providing eventually a regular service on the river carrying passengers and freight at an accessible price that will sustain the service for the community. From the standpoint of a Christian Community, we see that the lack of transportation essentially isolates these villages. Isolation drastically reduces access to health care, education, police protection, participation in civil society. This isolation causes villagers to turn back to shamanism and traditional tribal practices many of which are based in occult belief. Our concept is to work facilitating river transportation as a means to minister to a need in the name of Jesus. We are working in the area showing the Jesus Film in the Miskitu language and distributing New Testaments and scripture portions in both Spanish and Misktu. The area was heavily evangelized by the Moravian Church in the late 1800’s and to this day most tribesmen at least to some degree would describe themselves as Moravians. We see that the same isolation has cut off many congregations from teaching and fellowship with the rest of their denomination causing them to become quite formalistic and in active in many communities. Our prayer is that the Lord is using us to eventually usher in a revival in the Miskitu tribes, in his perfect time. It is a bit humorous but every time I get to the point of thinking, “oh, this is never going to work, I am just going to cut the boat up for scrap” something will happen and the door will open a bit wider. This month was another of those events with the arrival of an unexpected donation to help start needed repairs. When will I ever learn?

For some time we have been looking for opportunities to start a new church in the Chontales area. We had been looking for key people to start a work in the district capitols of San Carlos or Juigalpa. However an open door has cropped up in a small rural community called San Jose. It is at the end of a dirt road back up in the hill country. That makes it a strategic town because since that is where the road ends, that is were people from many miles around come to trade. It is similar in many ways to the railhead towns of the Western frontier of our country. One of the elders in the Managua church has been in contact with a man who lives in that community, Camilo Morales and they have petitioned us for help starting a church in San Jose. We traveled to the community this week for our second meeting with the nucleus of people interested in starting a church. We had a very positive meeting with eight adults and so we see there is a potential nucleus for a new church. We want to lift up Camilo and his family and the new church in San Jose.

We are taking a visiting musical group up there in October to help inaugurate the new work. . Please pray hard for good weather as heavy rains will make the road impassable and also make an outdoor concert difficult. The musicians will arrive toward the end of Oct and have a full schedule of concerts and preaching. They are from Harvester Christian Church and some have been here before. Nadia Vasques from the Tipitapa congregation will join the group as lead vocalist so that the majority of songs can be in Spanish. In general we would like to ask for prayer for the group and their activities.

We have begun work days with volunteers from the churches here on the site of the leadership training center facility. The Harvest Center, as we call it is located in Masaya a few miles south of Managua. The site was purchased several years ago and a church was started there. Today the church still meets there and has a good outreach in community. The site is almost three acres in size and so can accommodate easily the local church and the training center. We are working with the leaders of the church in Managua and the other churches to prepare for a large youth retreat in Dec on the site. Since we are expecting about 100 high school and college age there is a lot to be done still but the volunteers are willing. The main thrust of this retreat will be to challenge young men and women to prepare themselves for leadership ministry.

In Granada we finished our Bible study series in Mark and are starting a new series in Philippians. Hard to believe that the year is so far gone. School here ends the third week in November and we are planning to travel to the US after school is out to be with family and friends for the Christmas season. Lots to be done before then, especially in Granada where we are studying the possibility of starting a preschool on the church site. The key as always is finding the right people to teach and administer.

In Christ,

Marcus and Ann Pearson

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