Fall 2013 - Harvest Initiative

Christian Unity through Community Development

...that all of them may be one. John 17:21

The Child Protection Project

The Child Protection Project currently assists 40 children in two separate barrios. Government resistance and health problems affecting some of our key staff have delayed any type of residential program this year. However, doors have opened for a more community based program. School staff members use home visits and afterschool tutoring to stay closer to the children most at risk from their home environment. The children also have access to Bible Study and professional counseling in some cases. Gary Reed came and gave our staff some training in recognizing and speaking to children in traumatic circumstances.

The Sol de Libertad Group

The Sol de Libertad group has been in existence longer and Pastor Nestor Guadamuz baptized 6 of the older kids and two of their parents this year, easily the best news we have to report. The group in the Marvin Salazar Barrio is newer and we are thankful for the efforts of Ami Wilson and Valerie Effland in the launch of this expansion.

Going forward, Ami is returning to the US and will serve as a Resource Coordinator for the project, searching out teaching tools, raising prayer support and in general communicating what is going on in the barrios. In the coming year we hope to implement the residential program on a trial basis, but we are shifting tack slightly to see if we can deal with some compliance issues.

The need drives this vision, recent statistics show that 78% of Nicaraguan children live in poverty and 46% in extreme poverty (family income of less than $1/day per person). Also we remember the brutal murder of Freddy Ramirez in March. He was a first grade student at the Little Benjamin Christian School that we run in Tipitapa. Never again.

The Little Benjamin Christian School

The other projects continue to thrive. The Little Benjamin Christian School will expand its course offering this upcoming year to include the fifth and final year of secondary school. November of 2014 will see our first graduating class with Little Benjamin diplomas, a long time vision of ours, spearheaded by Alexandra Mendoza.

The Dawn Treader Project

The Dawn Treader Project continues to grow with the completion of construction of the vocational training and pastoral resource center, our next report will feature those projects in more detail.

The Base Site

The Base Site will also increase in usefulness since it will become our new home! The Pearson family is going to move to the base site in order to be closer to the projects, including ramping up the farming and sustainable energy demonstrations there. Living on the base will facilitate greatly the integration of the base site activities with the Little Benjamin and KM 34 schools.

I grew up in a rural Illinois and spent as much time as I could working on my Grandfather’s farm. Ann spent a great deal of time working in the northern wilderness areas of Minnesota and we both look forward to sharing with our children the joys (and aggravations) of country living.

The Cuidad Sandino Church

Carlos Tercero baptizes in Lake Xiloa near Ciudad Sandino December 2013

The Cuidad Sandino Church is facing a crucial year in 2014 as it is the last year of their lease at the community center where they now meet. The congregation has struggled to recruit and train leaders to work with founding evangelist Carlos Tercero but he and his wife Rosa maintain their commitment to the work.

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