Fall 2010 - The Harvest Initiative

Incredibly, Fall has come and we are ending another school year here in Nicaragua. The school year runs from February to November. Everyone looks forward to December and January as we do the summer months in the US. The rainy season will have passed with its daily torrential downpours and the dry season heat with its blasting hot wind will not have begun. We jokingly talk about “mud” and “dust” season but there is a lot of truth to that.

“Survivor Nicaragua” Mission Trip

Five members of the Harvester Christian Church made a trip with me back into the remote tribal area on the Atlantic Coast. The team did activities with the children and women in two villages. We also did some water quality evaluations and repaired a pump in one community. These trips always force us to rely on God because we are beyond the reach of other help. Our team worked well even though conditions were somewhat primitive. We are thankful for the chance to minister to this tribe.


In August six adults were baptized at Lake Xiloa by evangelist Carlos Tercero. They are all new members of the church nearby in Cuidad Sandino, a church plant we sponsor. Also in Managua a young man, Ronal was baptized, he has been in our street kids program since he was in about 3rd grade.

Other News

- New land was purchased in the km 34 settlement to allow for future expansion of the school and other ministries.

- A large shipment of donated food and school supplies arrived through the Nice Foundation for distribution through our network of schools and churches. About 800 children benefit from these programs.

- The community of Capulin near Granada is doing a water project with us. It is to repair several hundred feet of main pipe that brings water to about 300 families. The community is providing the labor, we are sending the pipe.

Pearson's Return

Pearson Family October 2010

Ann and I have decided to remain in the USA until mid July 2011. Our children are in school here and thankfully are doing very well. As they get older their education becomes more critical, and we feel that it is wise to give them a normal school year when possible. We are starting to evaluate our options for where we will live for the next term. We may move back to Granada or build a house on the mission base site near Tipitapa. A big prayer request is that God would guide us in all these decisions and open the doors needed for our return to the field. Next term water projects will be a big focus for us as well as the new sites in the Km34/Cristo Rey settlements.

Base Site

Base site storage for relief food and temporary living quarters, it’s a start!

New Christian Technical High School

We have been approached by the Christian organization, Opportunity International to participate with them in founding new high school in the Diriomo area near Granada. Granada is an administrative center and one of our church plant/elementary school locations. The new Christian school will have an emphasis on agriculture and tourism. The government required curriculum and Bible classes will be taught; but students will be able to study appropriate farming methods and basic skills they can use to find employment in the thriving tourism industry. We are a small organization compared to Opportunity but our many years of experience with agriculture, construction, and Christian Education fill some gaps in their skills. I am very encouraged about the relationship with them because they are very strong in an area of our weakness: small business. For many years we have been able to work with our preachers, churches, and vocational students to find appropriate ways to make a living. We have helped groups efficiently produce everything from mop heads to 50’ cargo boats, I am not exaggerating. The Achilles heel has always been the business side. We just have never developed that part as we could have wished. Opportunity specializes in the small business aspect of helping poor folks develop stable, earth friendly, dignified ways to make a living. I am thankful to have the chance to work alongside them. Stay Tuned!

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