March 2009 Newsletter

On The Air

Radio Station

The radio broadcast of the text of the New Testament in the Misiktu language has resumed. The program serves the tribal population of the Prinzapolka District. This has been a long time coming but now the recordings have been acquired and the arraignments made with the radio station. We are sponsoring the daily program to make the New Testament available to the people that live in the remote villages in audible form. Relatively few people can read but most have access to battery powered FM radios which are their link to the outside world.

It is our hope that by bringing the Word of God to the people we can combat the spiritual darkness that prevails in these isolated areas.

Bible Institute

Carlos Tercero Teaches Biblical Counseling
Professors Roberto Ortiz and Marlon Quiroz traveled to Las Marias near Somotillo for an all day seminar with 50 preachers and leaders. For several years we have sent teams there to teach but this year we are establishing a regular seminar schedule to send professors every other month. Regular Saturday classes continue in Acoyapa and Granada. With the help of Dr. Mike Pabarcus and Kent Sanders we also held a special all day seminar in Acoyapa with 60 in attendance. Dr. Pabarcus spoke on the Application of the Old Testament in today’s church while Kent spoke on Biblical Principles of worship.

St Louis Christian College Team

Jesus Film in Lamlaya
A team of 8 including professors and students visited from St Louis Christian College. They spent time in Acoyapa for the seminar mentioned above, preached at the new church in Ciudad Sandino and made a trip to the Miskitu area of the East Coast. Along the way they slept in churches and Nicaraguan homes, ate the local food. They gained insight into what the Lord is doing here and the challenges that the Nicaraguan people face. On the Atlantic Coast they showed the Jesus Film in two communities (Lamlaya and Haulover) and did activities with the children. We were really blessed with good weather for outdoor activities and travel. A big thanks to all the group for coming, learning and serving.

The Pearson Family

Will and Amelia First Day of School January 2009
Some have asked for some pictures of our kids. William 7 and Amelia 5 are both doing fine. They attend a local school in Granada where we live and have made friends there as well as in the neighborhood where we live. Ann takes care of us all and helps with the Arco de Bronze Preschool here as well as Sunday School at the church.

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