Summer 2011 - The Harvest Initiative in Nicaragua

Shutting Down Here

School is over here in St Charles and we are now in full scale packing mode. Tickets are bought for our return to Nicaragua in July. It seems every where we turn there are still countless details to attend to, as with any move. Still to come are the rounds of visits to family and the inevitable goodbyes. As many times as we make this transition it is never easy.

We are thankful for the time in the US and having been able to reconnect with so many loved ones, friends and supporters. It is also a blessing that the ongoing ministries in Nicaragua have done well under the guidance of the local pastors and school directors. I canít say thank you enough to these men and women who sacrifice greatly for their own communities. It is a privilege to serve with them.

Starting Up There

I will be making a trip to Nicaragua on 14 June for two weeks to look for a house to rent. We hope to locate near the city of Masaya for ease of access to the main projects. Right now there seem to be some good deals on rentals and it is more cost effective to rent than to build. I will also be looking for a good school for the kids to attend, although we will supplement their learning in English at home as needed.

Goals and Challenges

During this next two to three years on the field we plan to work to strengthen the existing projects as well as start some new ones. The two big projects will be KM 34 and the work among the Miskitu on the Atlantic Coast. The Km 34 site currently hosts a school with 160 children enrolled. This new community sprang up very quickly and so the school has grown more rapidly than planned. Our goals there are to add classrooms and get all the administration set up properly for the long run. Danira Sanchez has just been hired as director. She worked for us previously as director of the street kids ministry in Managua and it will be great to have her back. She has worked as a volunteer to help the school get started and so there is on one better suited to step into the role of director.

Miskitu Children fish along Prinzu River

In the Miskitu tribal areas we hope to increase our activities in evangelism and community development. There are two Miskitu evangelists that we coordinate with for outreach. They are both working to start new congregations in the villages up and downriver from Alamikamba. The plan is to help them with training and resources for their new congregations.

Water projects are planned for the area, starting with a new well in the community of Eden. Yes, its named after the Garden!

Ciudad Sandino Church

New Churches

Evangelists Armando Reyes and Carlos Tercero are working with new churches. Armando is working with a nucleus group in the city of Tisma. Carlosí congregation now is outgrowing its rented facility in Ciudad Sandino. His next challenge is to find land for a permanent church building.

Ciudad Sandino Church

The Elections

This is a presidential election year in Nicaragua. The current president, Daniel Ortega has gone through legal contortions to run for a second consecutive term contrary to the Constitution. This is now the fifth election cycle I have seen here. During election season all the government bureaucracy grinds to a halt, except tax collection of course. Obviously there will be much hype but we remember that God sets the seasons for rulers here on the earth.

Prayer Requests

  • Generally for our transition as a family back to the field, that the kids would adjust well and quickly re adapt to Spanish and new school.
  • For Dennis and Jackie Dowdall and all those that work stateside in support of the work.

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