June 2009 - The Harvest Center News

The Granada Church

Several outreach activities are taking place at the Granada Church. The fellowship there has struggled over the years to consolidate a stable leadership and find the best ways to reach out to the community. Over the last year or so a real vision for service in surrounding barrios has taken shape. The group is still small, about 20 adult members but there is a lot going on:

Arco de Bronze Preschooler Mayeli

The Bronze Bow Preschool ministers to 44 children from the neighborhood. We hope to add an additional classroom this year to make space for more children next year.

“He readies my hands for war; I can bend with my hands a bow of bronze” Psalms 18:34


The church has started a ministry which reaches out to homeless people here and to the neediest children with food, clothing and other activities. To facilitate this the church members are constructing a small bathhouse and kitchen annex.

Metal Shop
Metal Shop

The metal shop stays busy training young men in the basics of welding and fabrication. Currently they are building wood fired bread ovens. These ovens are designed to help groups of women earn a living by baking. The ovens use over 50% less firewood than traditional ovens. They also build the hand pumps used in Harvest Center water projects.

Girl's Outreach

Valeria Lopez has recently started an outreach among young girls here who are involved in prostitution. Currently she meets with a group of 13 girls for Bible Study each week. The needs of this group are seemingly endless, vocational, health, education, spiritual and it is difficult to know where this outreach will lead. It is certain that the Lord has opened a door with this group. Please pray for them, Valeria and the other ladies here in Granada that works with her in this outreach.

We ask for prayer that the church can grow and that its leadership will mature. Many challenges confront the congregation.

Water Projects

Pedro Arias works in Tasba Pauni

This month we completed water projects in the Miskitu Communities of Tasba Pauni and Alamikamba. We also used the new drilling rig in Masaya but there have been many mechanical problems with the rig and further drilling will wait for repair parts to arrive.

Children’s Outreach Fund

Danira (left) with students and school supplies

One of the projects that we often forget to mention is the work that Danira Sanchez does in the Sol de Libertad Barrio in Managua. She works as a school teacher but volunteers her time to work with fifteen children in an afternoon program three days a week. Sponsors provide food and school supplies as well as scholarships for these children to attend a nearby Christian Elementary School run by the Nazarene Church. These children are from the absolutely poorest homes in a very poor barrio. This is a life changing little program. We are thankful for Danira and her spirit of sacrifice for these children.

In the long run it is going to be Nicaraguans like Danira that will make the largest difference for the kingdom. The best things that we do often is allow God to lead us to these key men and women and to equip them exercise their gifts. The last couple of years in particular we have seen Nicaraguans step into real positions of leadership and we are coming to regard them as co workers and peers. This is a very healthy step in our view and we thank God for these men and women and for the opportunity to serve with them. We are also thankful for the faithfulness of those that support the work financially even during an economic downturn.

The Harvest Center (Centro Cosecha) is a ministry of the Harvester Christian Church, St Charles Mo, to the people and churches of Nicaragua. All contributions should be made to Harvester Christian Church with a note that it is for Nicaragua Missions. The work here is overseen by Marcus and Ann Pearson who are financially and spiritually accountable to the leadership of Harvester.

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