Children’s Outreach Fund Nicaragua June Update

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support of the children’s projects in Nicaragua. We are working with three new projects this year and so there is a lot going on.

In the Sol de Libertad Barrio in Managua Danira Sanchez is working with fifteen children whom we have selected to receive scholarships to attend the Good Shepard Nazarene school in that neighborhood. Danira is currently working as the Christian education teacher at that school part time as well as volunteering to coordinate tutoring and lunches for the project kids. The relationship with Good Shepard has so far been a good one. All but two of the children are doing well in school so far. We recently installed a fuel efficient wood burning cook stove at the kitchen were the children are fed in an effort to help control costs.

The stove is identical to the one used by the Masaya project to prepare food for school lunches. Here bottled gas for cooking has become very expensive and wise use of fire wood is an efficient alternative.

The project in Masaya is headed by Yessica Bourne and Douglas Mayorga. It meets at the Masaya Christian Church site and currently has 30 children enrolled. Children come after school for a meal and tutoring three days a week. It is a good outreach to the community. Yessica returned to college in July, she is studying psychology but plans to switch to teacher training when a slot opens.

Part of the goal of the project is that in exchange for coordinating the project Yessica gets a scholarship to continue her education. She has had some trouble getting into a teacher training program partly because none are offered by the university close to her home and also there seems to be some problem with her transcript. But the work with the children is going well and Yessica assures me that she will be able to begin classes in July. The children in Sol de Libertad and Masaya are hand selected from the poorest homes and in addition to tutoring, scholarships, and meals receive help with school uniforms and supplies.

The third project supported by the Children’s Outreach Fund is the new Arco de Bronce Elementry school in Granada. At present it offers only preschool with 21 children enrolled but our prayer is that with government approval we can start offering primary school classes next year. Ann helps the Director a couple of days a week teaching English to the children and filling in wherever she is needed. Some of the children from the poorest homes attend at no cost but other children’s parents pay a small tuition fee($4.15/mo) for their children. We want to establish this policy from the beginning since the goal long term is a Christian Primary School that is partially self supporting, always reserving space for a number of children from the poorest homes to receive full scholarships and help with school supplies. This model has worked well in Tipitapa.

We ask you all pray for the process of getting the school license in Granada. Since we are not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church there is considerable opposition in the local government to granting us a primary school operating permit. Also we ask that you pray for the people of Nicaragua especially the poor, inflation and high prices of fuel are making life harder for the poor here as everywhere.

In Christ, Marcus and Ann Pearson

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