July 2011 - Harvest Initiative

We Are Back!

Will and Amelia sit on “Noble” our bull

On 21 July we started our new term of service on the field in Nicaragua as a family. Many challenges await to be sure. We are thankful to have had the time of furlough in the USA to reconnect with family, friends and supporters, but now it is time to get back to doing what we are called to do: mobilizing our brothers here for kingdom service.

Since arrival we have been busy trying to get settled into a house. The first house we were in turned out to have a multitude of electrical and plumbing problems so we needed to begin the search again. We chose a house on the north edge of Granada, putting us close to several school options and easy access to the highway. The house is simple but pretty modern and we are thankful for a safe and comfortable place for our family. Once the kids get back in school we can get back into a normal routine and be well on the way to getting through our time of transition. The temptation is always to underestimate the difficulty of switching countries and cultures.

Next Steps

Children eat lunch at Mt Horeb School

Several projects are standing in line. On the base site we need to complete the installation of the windmill on its tower. The mill will pump water for the site and should lower our cost of operation there significantly. As we develop the site with volunteer housing and agriculture work the goal is to be as sustainable as possible.

Other water projects include the spring water catchment for the village of Tungla and a new pump for the Punta Roja barrio in Alamikamba.

The most recent shipment of donations from the Nice Foundation is finally out of customs and distribution of those items has already begun. None too soon, the feeding programs were all down to their last few boxes of food.

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