July 2009 - The Harvest Center News

Tita Lopez conducts workshop

This month there is more than usual going on at the school in Tipitapa. Registration this year is 470 students from preschool to third level high school. The semester break falls during the first week in July. Valeria Lopez and the teachers organized a three day retreat for the students. Fifty-four students from grades 5 to 8 participated. The first two days went really well with plenty of Bible teaching and activities. The third day was cut short by heavy rains.

The school also was visited by a work crew from the USA. Some spent two days doing VBS activities with the younger grades. Other team members built playground equipment, did electrical repairs and painted. They left the school much better than they found it, thanks Nice Foundation volunteers!

The school in Tipitapa is funded by a child sponsorship program administered by the Nice Foundation. Some team members got to meet their sponsored child in person during their stay!

If you would like to sponsor a child in the Tipitapa school, please contact Bill Beltz at the Nice Foundation, 618-288-6078 or BillBeltz@nicefoundation.org

Atlantic Coast

A community well in Alamikamba, RAAN
Francisca Centeno

This month we made a trip out to the tribal areas of the Atlantic Coast. Since these are remote areas we always try to make the most of these trips. Some stayed in Alamikamba, which is where the road ends and worked on installing a new pump at one community well. Rest of us went down river to visit three communities. A fourth community was unreachable due to the seasonal flooding of the Prinzupolka River. However we were able to meet with community leaders in Buena Vista and Agricola to plan for well drilling later this year. In Karin Dan we spent the night and showed the Jesus Film in Miskitu, which is a tremendous teaching tool.

All the places got Bibles and Ami Wilson did activities with the children in two of the communities. All in all it was a good trip. To top it off, one of the men, John Wampler caught a 25 lb tarpon on the way back up the river!

Momentary Light Afflictions (2 Cor. 4:17)

It seems like the last two months have been a plague of mechanical breakdowns. In addition to problems with the well drilling rig, it seems that the welders and equipment we use to repair the rig is broken too! Motorcycles, trucks and household appliances also seem to have decided that June and July would be good months to break down. Also ants of all sizes have invaded our house in almost Old Testament proportions! It’s a reminder that life in the tropics is hard on everything. Heat, humidity, dust, lack of spare parts wears everything down, even us. I used to joke that time here adds up like dog years which would make me about 85!

Thankfully the arrival of a batch of spare parts and terro insecticide from the USA has got us back on track.

Dawan Bila

“The Voice of the Lord” MP3 Player

This is Miskitu (or as close as we can come) to “the Voice of the Lord” That is want we are calling these special mp3 players that we have been given to distribute in the remote villages of the Prinzupolka District. Global Recordings has given us six to place in communities

These players come with a built in solar panel and a hand crank to provide energy where there is no other source of power. I am usually skeptical when it comes to using technology to address spiritual problems. But bringing the Word of God to remote villages where most people cannot read with these simple players is one of the most practical ways to make the Word available.

San Bartolo Water Project

Water Project
Volunteers from the community of San Bartolo, Rio San Juan District lay pipe to bring water to their community. A big thanks to Pastor Tomas Moreno for his help in organizing to make this project a reality. He is working to start a new chuch in the town of San Bartolo in coordination with one of the students currently studying in the Bible Institute. This is a good example of how we try to balance meeting spiritual needs and physical needs as Jesus did in his ministry.

Marcus and Ann Pearson

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