February 2010 - The Harvest Center in Nicaragua

School in Session

Preschool Ciudad Sandino

The new school projects are off to a good start in Barrio Jorge Salazar and Ciudad Sandino. In Salazar there are 74 children in preschool and first grade. Ciudad Sandino has 60 kids in preschool. These new projects are joint ventures with the public school system, local Nicaraguan churches and our mission. The government is willing to fund teacherís salaries if churches and parents will provide locations and school supplies. We can teach Bible alongside the regular curriculum so this is a good opportunity to impact children and families. The Arco De Bronze School also has been formally recognized as a school by the government which is an answer to prayer. Thanks to Director Patricia for her perseverance!

Half of all children in Nicaragua do not attend school. We continue to help meet this basic need in Christís name.

The Harvest Center Site

Harvest Center

Work is beginning on the site purchased as a long term base for the mission work. A large shipping container is in place to use as a construction trailer. Its first job will be to store donations due to arrive in May from the Nice Foundation. The shipment of food, building materials, and school desks will benefit the projects, especially the new schools. Having a place to sort and distribute these goods is a great blessing and allows a much better distribution. We are working to get the electricity installed and a water pump set on the well. Also we are buying some cows to keep on the property to provide some income to pay the guards. Of course cows mean manure and manure means biogasÖ.,

Construction Crew in Ciudad Sandino

Construction crew

In February the church in C Sandino was encouraged by a visit from the work crew lead by Kent Avery. For many years Kent has lead a group of hard core builders to help churches and schools here. This year they concentrated on the bathrooms at the church, doing a complete renovation including a new roof. Many thanks to Kent and the rest from Crossroads Christian Church!

The church in Ciudad Sandino is led by evangelist Carlos Tercero. They are starting their third year as a congregation. The population of the area is rapidly growing and we want to see the church grow to meet the needs. Please pray for Carlos as he trains leaders to help expand the churchís ministry.

Digging a Little Deeper

Why are places like Nicaragua so poor? There are many reasons but one basic fact is that the culture tends to encourage suspicion and division rather than cooperation. Most people tend to trust only a very small circle of people, usually close family. Also they are concerned only about this same small circle and not the broader community.

How does this work out in daily life?

Churches tend to be small unless held together around a strong central leader that can command loyalty. Devotion a central figure makes it very difficult to delegate responsibility to any degree, a big limitation for church growth.

Municipal and other authorities cannot make improvements to roads and other basic services. No one will pay taxes to fund these items since the officials are corrupt. And remember, no one cares about the road in front of anyone elseís house, just their own. Lack of infrastructure drives costs up for farmers and manufacturers resulting in loss of jobs and high food prices. We work alongside Godís people to help overcome poverty as the Gospel is proclaimed.

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