August 2009 - The Harvest Center News

Construction in Granada

Placing concrete walls

This month we had a visiting work team from the US working on the building projects in Granada. Under construction is a new classroom for the Arco de Bronze School and a bathroom addition for the church. The group came from Missouri and California and was led by Gary Reed. Everyone helped place the pre cast concrete slabs for the walls. It goes quickly but wears you out quick too! These improvements will help the work in Granada continue to grow. As the school expands it needs more room and with more church activities going on the additional bathroom facility will be helpful.

Kamrie and Josiah Reed

Women's Outreach

Local Beautician Marta Zelaya teaches hair styling techniques

One of the activities we are really happy with is the outreach ministry that Valeria Lopez and others have in progress. They work with a group of girls age 12-17 who are prostitutes. They have completed a three month long course of weekly studies emphasizing self esteem for women from a Biblical perspective. Now they are entering a new three month course where they will continue to study the Bible but also are teaching the basics of hair cutting and styling. The hope is to give the girls an alterative source of income. At very least our hope is that they can see that there are options open to them. The young ladies come from the poorest households and most sell themselves to help provide for their families.

Bible Institute In Brief

  • Ami Wilson and Tita Lopez traveled to Acoyapa, Chontales to teach a training seminar for Sunday School teachers
  • Efraim Picado finished a four week course on homiletics also in Acoyapa

Interim Ministry

We never know what we will be called on to do here. I have never claimed to have gifts in the area of pastoral ministry but this year it was obvious that the preacher of the church in Granada, Francisco Garcia, needed a break. He was planning to get married and start a business to supplement what the church is able to pay him. So we decided that Luis Hernandez and I would do a team interim ministry to give him a break. It has made for a busy two months but now Francisco is back on the job and we wish him the best in ministry, marriage and business. Please pray for him and his new bride, Catalina as they begin a new chapter in their lives and service to Christ.

Somotillo Projects

Distributing grain sorghum seed and fertilizers

We traveled to the community of Somotillo this month to distribute grain sorghum seed and fertilizer. The seeds were distributed to twenty preachers in the area. Most of the churches in this mountainous region are small and most pastors farm at least part time to provide for their families. Due to the dry conditions that prevail, grain sorghum is the only small grain that will prosper there. These communities are close to the border with Honduras and so they have been hit hard this year from both sides. Early this year the US government suspended a major aid program that directly benefited small farmers there. The program, the Millennium Challenge, was suspended to protest the Nicaraguan government’s refusal to allow a recount or a new vote after the 2008 elections that are widely believed to have been fraudulent. Since they are close to the border, many people from the area travel to work as day laborers in Honduras but recent unrest there have made that greatly more difficult.

Christian Women's Seminar

On the same trip Ami Wilson and Tita Lopez gave a seminar on Christian womanhood, the third of five planned workshops in that area. Rural women have a very hard way to go here. They face a lack of opportunity to study, hard daily labor and a very machista culture that gives all authority to the men. All these combine to grind the women down spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The seminars are for women who are leaders in their respective congregations and are an attempt to reach out to them and encourage them with some focused Biblical teaching. The seminars are based on the book, “Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free”. This trip 34 women attended.

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