Summer Newsletter 2008 Marcus and Ann Pearson in Nicaragua

Dear Friends,

This month we have been busy doing construction work. We are building two new classrooms at the school in Tipitapa which will allow us to move preschool classes into their own space apart from the bigger children. It will also allow us set up a library/study Hall for the high school students. Additionally we are working on several long overdue improvements to the bathrooms there. The new preschool section will have its own bathrooms. We are also building a water tower and cistern to improve water supply. The city water goes off for days at a time so this is a needed improvement.

Work is also in progress in Granada. We are doing a lot of site work such as sidewalks and perimeter security wall. Also two new classrooms are under construction for expansion of the school there in 2009. The folks I contracted initially did not produce quality work and were relieved of their duties so I am back to hiring kids off the street and teaching them the basics of construction. I enjoy working with young people in this type of setting, but it reminds me how not young I am these days!

It is always good to remember that we have a good crew of Nicaraguans who work with us here. Valeria Lopez is one of them. She works with us in administration and bookkeeping. In spite of a leaky heart valve she also gets around and oversees the kid’s project in Masaya, the women’s sewing cooperative in Managua and performs many other administrative tasks that fall her way. Both of these projects are new this year and I don’t know what we would do without her! She has been dealing recently with trying to get extensive surgery for a young lady who is a fifth grader at the school in Tipitapa. This girl, Gabriela, has a large tumor on her mandible and needs to be removed. Valeria has persevered with the doctors here and has persuaded them to operate. The first of three surgeries is scheduled for July 26. Please pray for her, this is going to be a long haul for her.

The Nice Foundation sent a large group of folks from Casper, Wyoming to do a VBS with the children at the Tipitapa school. The kids were on a two week school break and so it turned out to be a well attended activity. Also new in Tipitapa is the English teacher!

Ami Wilson from Harvester Christian Church has joined the team here. She is living in Tipitapa and teaching English in the High School. The director is thrilled to have the help and the students are excited about learning English from a native speaker. Getting settled in a new culture is always tough but Ami is doing well so far, you can find out more about what she is up to on the website under “Volunteers”.

We would ask for prayers for the new churches in San Jose and Cuidad Sandino. The congregation in Cuidad Sandino is averaging 60 in attendance and is soon going to outgrow its rented community house. We are working with the evangelist, Carlos Tercero to look for options for a larger place to meet.

In Christ,
Marcus and Ann Pearson

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