August 2007 Newsletter

Someone told me that in ministry there are no two good days in a row. Well we have certainly hit the brakes here this last several weeks it seems. It feels like all the equipment just decided to get the vapors on us all at once, from the plumbing in our house to the shop equipment and vehicles! The tropics are hard on machines and people, especially in the rainy season so I guess I should expect it by now. Daily power outages are another annoying factor and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. I was not able to carry out two big activities we had been planning, one a trip to the tribal areas on the coast and the other a training seminar with the group of preachers from Somotillo. The trip to the coast was suspended after we developed engine problems in the truck about three hours out. Since it is a 16 hour plus trip we are thankful that it wasnít 15 Ĺ hours out! We were able to limp back home in second gear. I doubt that the Apostle Paul ever had truck trouble but he too had to change plans from time to time. I am rescheduled to go again next week, this time I am borrowing Annís truck which is in better shape and 4wd, long time co worker Reynaldo Arias is going with me and Ann will use his taxi to get around until we get back. Maybe she can pick up a few cordobas doing the taxi route. Please pray for us on the trip and Ann and Kids at home while we are gone.

The second activity we will have to reschedule is a training seminar with the preachers from Somotillo. This time I was simply too sick make the trip, allergies and chest congestion had me up for two nights and it just didnít seem smart to make an 8 hour drive on so little sleep. That activity too will be rescheduled. Goodness.

There is some progress to report. With the help of the Nice Foundation and a lot of you, a container will leave St Louis full of school furniture and supplies, medical equipment, supplies for the leadership training center, and a newer motorcycle for me!

The church in Granada held a big community concert and a womenís health fair. We are trying to experiment with different outreach activities to introduce ourselves to new people in the community. The concert was well attended and the rain held off allowing us to have it outside. The health fair was not as well attended as hoped but still it is an avenue that we hope to pursue more in the future. The elders are really excited about reactivating a soccer league for young people. I hope that they can pull it off, both elders work really odd hours and often it is difficult for them run activities.

Less spectacular but also important is progress in getting a charter as a non profit organization here in Nicaragua. It takes a long time to get and involves a lot of paperwork but it does give a fair amount of credibility and a firm legal foundation for employees handling funds and other nuts and bolts of doing business.

We are grinding ahead with plans to open high school at the school in Tipitapa. Alexandra Mendoza, the director, is excited about it. She is, however, due to go on maternity leave just when school starts next year which complicates things a bit but we will manage somehow!

We are thankful that the kids are doing well in school. Will is in the top five of his class and Amelia is doing just fine in hers. We are also thankful to have Valeria Lopez on staff as the administrator of the Harvest Center. She is a delightful person and very competent.

In Christ,

Marcus and Ann Pearson

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