Spring 2011 - The Harvest Initiative

Construction Projects

M. Satterfield steadies the water tank

Several projects are underway. A group from Crossroads Christian Church in California came and worked on the water and windmill towers at the base site, led by Kent Avery. Others on their team repaired mission vehicles and other equipment.

Teacher Carolina w/ students in new classroom

At the new school Km34 site the new classroom is finished and in use. A perimeter security wall is underway but not completed.

Childrenís Outreach

Activities in Cristo Rey

Another part of the Crossroads team led activities in the new settlements clustered around Tipitapa. They ministered to children in Km 34, Cristo Rey, and Tisma. Joanne and her crew held Bible classes, hygiene training, crafts and sports. Special thanks go to Noe and Linda who gave Bible teaching on sex to the adolescents.

All of these sites have active church planting nucleus or school projects organized by Nicaraguans. The Harvest Initiative works closely with these projects to encourage the leaders and help then in ways that enhance their efforts. The local leadership is the key to these projectís impact and we are thankful for our relationships with Danira Sanchez, Armando Reyes, Alfredo Moriera and others.

The Base Site

Workshop at the base

This year the new base is coming into its own as a place we can stage from to out and minister in many nearby communities. It is 15 minutes from several new settlement areas that are springing up on an old sugar plantation that went bankrupt in the 90ís and is being settled by folks moving in from the countryside seeking work in the sweatshops that ring the capitol.

The teams that went out to minister in the settlements came to the base to get their supplies, many of which had be shipped previously by the Nice Foundation. Also the base site currently is the distribution point for food shipped by the Nice Foundation. Last year 120,000 meals were shipped and distributed though Nice Foundation and Harvest Initiativeís network of schools and churches. This year we project that well over 250,000 meals will be distributed. With that kind of volume a safe place to work out of is vital. We are thankful for the opportunity to work with so many communities and for the Lordís provision.


A container shipment was packed in March with donations of food, shoes, school supplies and other equipment. Once out of customs, the goods will be distributed to schools and other ministries. The Pearson Family continues to prepare for return to Nicaragua in July. We are working to get the house ready to rent out, packing and all the things that go with the return to the field. Please pray for us in this transition time.

Prayer Requests

  • Land for a permanent home for the Ciudad Sandino Church
  • Open doors for the church planters in Tisma, Cristo Rey, and km 3

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