Spring 2010 - The Harvest Center in Nicaragua

Blown Away!

The new Harvest Center school in the Marvin Salazar shantytown had a rough April. A sheer wind swept across the open terrain destroying hundreds of makeshift shelters. The school building held up but sustained damage to the roof. Even so as one of the most substantial structures it served as a shelter for several families. We are happy to report that with the help of the community the school has been repaired and classes are back in session. In May we will begin meeting with leaders there to plan for the next school year. Since the community’s several thousand residents lack water we are praying that the Lord would open doors for us to do a water project there. We were able to ship several thousand feet of high quality pvc pipe to Nicaragua recently which would be ideal. However before committing our resources we need to see that the community is willing to organize. Usually it is the “people problems” that hold up projects more than anything else.

The Harvest Center Site

Harvest Center Site

Electricity is connected at the new Mission base site! Like everything else in Nicaragua getting an electrical hook up is a nightmare of paperwork and bureaucracy. It is a blessing that the site had a transformer nearby and so at least that expense was avoided. There is still an incredible amount of work to be done but the electricity is one basic task. Currently we are using the site as a staging area for distribution of food and other donations that arrived through the Nice Foundation. Praise God that the shipment arrived and cleared customs without unreasonable delay.

The Nice Foundation

For a few years now we have been increasing our collaboration with the Nice Foundation. The group, based in Highland Illinois is headed by its founders Bill and Shirley Beltz. A main focus of their work is a child sponsorship program which allows individuals and churches to sponsor children enrolled in the schools we operate in Nicaragua. A donation of $25/mo supports the schools that provide primary and secondary education to poor children in a Christian environment. Currently we have almost 500 children enrolled in classes on four separate sites. The Nice foundation provides pictures of children and a brief outline of their home life. There are periodic updates and opportunities to correspond with sponsored children. If you are interested in more information see our website: www.cosechanic.com. All donations are tax deductible. The other more recent work of Nice is the purchase of a warehouse in Highland to use as a staging area for donations going to Nicaragua and now Haiti too. We can use help packing and sorting all sorts of donations. Contact us for dates.

Loading at warehouse


- Valeria Lopez is back from maternity leave and has started again the outreach to teen age girls involved in prostitution in Granada. She also coordinates leadership training classes and sewing cooperatives in two rural areas. She and her husband Jacobo have their hands full with little Andres Manuel.

- The Pearson family is enjoying time in the USA. The kids are in school and doing fine. They are realizing America is no paradise, there is schoolwork and chores here too! Marcus will travel back to Nicaragua for a two week visit 11-27 May for site visits and planning water projects. Please pray that all goes well and that there are open doors for ministry.

- Please also pray for Juan and Massiel Zelaya as I meet with them to plan for their move from Granada to Juigalpa to start a new church.

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