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Harvest Initiative relies on churches, individuals and small businesses for project funding. We believe that the Lord provides since we have seen His provision over the years as the work has grown. Our approach for fundraising is based on intensive communication and minimal solicitation. What follows is intended to communicate in dollar terms what it costs to operate the programs we have in progress.

Clicking on any link will direct you to a secure Harvest Initiative donation site. You can select a child to sponsor, select a set amount, input funding source and process securely. The site will allow to select a one time donation or set it up for monthly recurring. Harvest Initiative is a registered 501c3 non-profit, so donations may be tax deductible - please contact a tax accountant for details.

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Child Sponsorship | La Cosecha

Recent changes in donations have made funding La Cosecha school more difficult. Located in San Benito, the school has 215 students from Preschool to Sixth Grade. The schools are fiscally responsible, but not locally sustainable. Students pay tuition-about a day's wage per student monthly. This is important as it makes a child's education an investment for the entire family. The investment, however, does not cover the schools operational needs. Staff, utilities, supplies and government fees exceed tuition costs. Support for keeping these schools going comes from all of you-from the individuals, churches, and organizations that partner with our efforts.

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Feed Nicaragua Food Distribution

Four times a month, our tireless co-worker, Pedro Gonzales (pictured above), loads the truck with a bit over a ton of food to distribute to the churches and schools that receive food packed and shipped by Nice Foundation volunteers. Each year over 400,000 meals go out to forty sites all over Nicaragua. The feeding sites vary from local churches, schools or community groups of Christians who volunteer to prepare and serve the food. Some of the food goes to elderly people.

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Teacher Salary for One Month

The Harvest Community Christian School ministers to over 200 children in the new settlement area of Marvin Salazar Sur in San Benito. The program reaches children from preschool to sixth grade with quality elementary education in a Christ honoring environment. Founding Director, Danira Sanchez and her seven teachers provide the only available elementary education for a neighborhood of 1500 families. We encourage you to consider taking on a teacher’s salary for an entire year for the amount of $2080, but any amount is welcome. These teachers are truly on the front lines every day, sharing their lives and faith with the children and parents.

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Jesus Film Presentation

An integral part of our ongoing Dawn Treader Project is the presentation of the Jesus Film in the Miskitu language. The activities take place in the remote villages along the Prinzapolka River. The presentation of this powerful film presents the teaching of the Gospel of Luke in a way that is appropriate to tribespeople who have some knowledge of the Christian Faith, but since reading is little known, have not had much opportunity to learn much of the Bible. The villages can be up to three days travel for our teams, and the largest expense is fuel for the trucks and boats that we use to reach our destination. The remoteness of the area allows spiritual darkness to pervade peoples’ lives and we see the presentation of the truth of Jesus as a very important activity.

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Clean Water Project

Clean water is vital to the life of any community. Many Nicaraguans lack access to a reliable water supply, especially in the dry season. Harvest Initiative has trained a team of Nicaraguan water technicians to work in the communities. A water project may be drilling a new well, or improving an existing well. In either case, the community must provide at least 25% of the resources for the project and demonstrate that they are willing and able to care for the completed water system. An average water system will benefit between 3- 500 people.

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Little Benjamin School Addition

The oldest and largest project that Harvest Initiative administers is the Little Benjamin Christian School in Tipitapa. It serves almost five hundred students from preschool to high school. We hope to add a second story over one of the classrooms for additional space for the high school students. Director Alexandra Mendoza and her team of dedicated Christian teachers make the school a true ministry to the students and their families. There is great potential to increase enrollment and the need for quality education is overwhelming. It is estimated that one half of all school age children in Nicaragua do not attend school, in large part for the simple lack of classroom space.

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